2020 4x4x48 Registration

2020 4x4x48 Registration

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The world changed in what seemed like hours.  Suddenly the whole world is in isolation and social distance rules have eliminated jobs and altered our behaviors radically.  For many, the cancellation and postponement of races, marathons, Ironmans, 70.3, et al may seem trivial.  In the big picture those things probably are fairly trivial.  However, many endurance athletes not only define themselves through their sport, it often serves as a form of therapy.   

Looking for a great personal challenge? Need to log some big miles to get to your annual mileage goal? Maybe you are thinking about doing an ultra-marathon? Perhaps you just want to prove you are one mentally tough son-of-a-gun? Well then, try on the 4x4x48!

  • What is the 4x4x48?  

4 mile run, every 4 hours for 48 hours.

  • When is the 2020 4x4x48?

Participants must start and complete their 4x4x48 anytime between 12:01 AM April 9th, 2020 and 12:59 PM May 17th, 2020.

  • Where does the 4x4x48 take place?

Wherever you are.  The beauty of the 4x4x48 is that you do it where you are and you post your runs to Strava.

  • What does the 4x4x48 cost?

$50 plus shipping, with net proceeds going to Semper Fi & America’s Fund.

  • What do you get for completing the 4x4x48?

You get to tell your friends that you are likely crazier than they are...and all registrants who complete the challenge, following the rules below, will get a custom printed Reăl Men's or Women's Blue Ridge 4x4x48 Finishers T-shirt (retail value $40) and a $25 gift certificate for a future purchase at Reăl.  At the end of the event shirts will be custom printed and shipped.  Currently our factory is being used to make PPE for medical workers.  Once we are open for normal production we will have a delivery time for the shirts.

Rules of 4x4x48

Yes there are rules.

  1. Participants have between 12:01 AM April 9th, 2020 and 12:59 PM May 17th, 2020 to complete their 48 hour streak.
  2. All entries must be GPS uploaded to the All entries must be GPS uploaded to the Reăl 4x4x48 Challenge 2020 Strava Club page.
  3. No bicycles, skateboards, roller blades...just good old fashioned running.
  4. You can start your first "leg" at any time of day but you must start each subsequent "leg" within 4 hours of the time you started the previous leg. For example, if you start at Noon, the next run would be at 4PM, then 8PM, Midnight, 4AM, 8AM...
  5. There will be people who ask "can I run all 48 miles at one time?" and the answer is NO.  A big part of the challenge is the nature of having to spread the run out over 48 hours and go every 4 hours over and over again.


Ask a Question
  • I did the Challenge May 2-4 (Saturday AM to Monday AM) Unfortunately, I found your group/registration DURING/AFTER and asked for approval on Strava AFTER I completed the Challenge. All of my stuff has been uploaded to Strava. Will this still count???? I sure hope so!!!! Thx


    Glad you found the cahllenge, even if it was a bit late.  Did you register for the challenge with us?

  • Thank you very much for answering my previous questions. There was one unanswered one - if someone wants to donate more than the $65 registration fee, is there a way to do that? And are the donations tax deductible? Thank you.

    Addtionaly donations can be made through Beyond Brave at http://www.beyondbrave.org/donate

  • My husband wants to do the challenge and he is a slow runner. Is there a cut-off pace?

    Doesn't matter the speed as long as you go!

    Each leg has to be completed before the next one begins.  That gives a participant 4 hours to finish the 4 mile leg.  If he takes an hour to cover 4 miles then he has three hours of rest.

    Have him sign up.  He will enjoy the challenge.

  • I'm a little confused by the requirements. If I'm always required to start the next leg within 4 hours of the previous leg, I could easily push myself into a far less than 48 hour total. So if my first run is at 8AM, then say I do my second at 11 AM, because that's within 4 hours, now I'm forced to do the next one before 3PM. And let's say I do the same sort of thing a couple more times, where I only wait 2 or 3 hours between legs. Since the requirement is to START the next leg within 4 hours of the previous leg, I could easily finish the mileage before getting to 48 hours.

    You need to start a run every 4 hours.  If it takes you 45 minutes to do the first run then you have 3:15 to rest.  If you start at noon your next run is 4PM, then 8PM, midnight, 4AM, 8AM, noon…

  • Once we upload all of our miles, how do we select the color and size of the jacket?


    Good quesion.  Once a participant has registered they will get an email outlining all the details of the event.

    To answer your specific question, once the event has been completed by a participant they will be sent a link to select there size and hav ti shipped to them.  The color of the jacket is predetermined.  Last year we used flourescent yellow. This year's jacket will be surf blue.

    We hope to have you join us for the 4x4x48.

Customer Reviews

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One and done

I was a fan of the the physical aspect of the 4x4x48 challenge, but not a fan of how this event was run. Over $3K was brought in through registration fees, but less than $1K of that went to Beyond Brave?? Not enough in my opinion. Another issue is timely follow through. It took 4 weeks for the Strava entries to be verified, 3 more weeks to get jacket orders, and now an additional 3 weeks to get them custom printed. It has been 2.5 MONTHS since the challenge ended and we still haven’t received these jackets. Again, that wouldn’t be a big deal, but if that’s where most of our money went, then I’d like to see these jackets! Reasons for the delays were given (company trade shows, people not complying with the Strava guidelines, holidays, etc.), but at some point these reasons just become excuses. I’ve participated in countless road races, triathlons, and other physical events over the years, and have never seen anything quite like this. If I were you, I would cut out the middle man, skip the challenge, and donate directly to Beyond Brave.

Awesome Challenge

Challenge was awesome, can't wait to see the jacket and the pants I ordered.

Amazing Challenge

So, I saw this on an Instagram post and me first thought was I am in. As the day approached and I mapped out my schedule got babysitting my thoughts changed to O crap what did I get myself into! After all was said and done, I will do it again! Amazing challenge and for a great cause!


I really love this challenge!!! What a great way to challenge the inner strength of ones body....I would do this again!

Nice challenge

I really enjoyed this challenge. It was great to get me off the couch and motivated to run when my season would have otherwise been winding down.