Fusion 4x4x48 Challenge

The 2021 version of the 4x4x48 can be found here.

Looking for a great personal challenge? Need to log some big miles to get to your annual mileage goal? Maybe you are thinking about doing an ultra-marathon? Perhaps you just want to prove you are one mentally tough son-of-a-gun? Well then, try on the 4x4x48!

  • What is the 4x4x48?  

4 mile run, every 4 hours for 48 hours.

  • When is the 2018 4x4x48?

Participants must start and complete their 4x4x48 anytime between 12:01 AM October 12th, 2018 and 12:59 PM November 13th, 2018 (Veterans Day).

  • Where does the 4x4x48 take place?

Wherever you are.  The beauty of the 4x4x48 is that you do it where you are and you post your runs to Strava.

  • What does the 4x4x48 cost?

$65, with net proceeds going to Beyond Brave.

  • What do you get for completing the 4x4x48?

You get to tell your friends that you are likely crazier than they are...and all registrants who complete the challenge, following the rules below, will get a Fusion S1 Run Jacket, worth $135.

Rules of 4x4x48

Yes there are rules. Participants have between 12:01 AM October 12th, 2018 and 12:59 PM November 13th, 2018 (Veterans Day) to complete your 48 hour streak. All entries must be GPS uploaded to the 2018 Fusion 4x4x48 to benefit Beyon Brave Strava Club page. No bicycles, skateboards, roller blades...just good old fashioned running. You can start your first "leg" at any time of day but you must start each subsequent "leg" within 4 hours of the time you started the previous leg. For example, if you start at Noon, the next run would be at 4PM, then 8PM, Midnight, 4AM, 8AM...No treadmill runs, you have to get outside and run...elements be damned!  There will be people who ask "can I run all 48 miles at one time?" and the answer is NO.  A big part of the challenge is the nature of having to spread the run out over 48 hours and go every 4 hours over and over again.  If you are unable to finish the challenge you still won't go away empty handed, as you will get a Beyond Brave C3 T-shirt.

*Shipping fees apply to all participants outside of the US.