Don't keep Fusion a secret.

Do you know someone who would enjoy Fusion as much as you do?  We would love to send them a gift from Fusion on your behalf.  List three friends, first and last name, along with their respective email address.  We will then send them a nice gift from Fusion and let them know it came from you.

In return for helping us grow our brand we will send you a Fusion branded Orange Mud Transition & Seat Wrap: Changing Towel and Seat Cover  While it may look like a simple towel, trust us, this thing is awesome.  As an avid endurance athlete you will likely find this to be one of the most useful pieces of gear you have ever owned...outside of your Fusion gear that is.

To qualify for the Orange Mud product you must provide at least three names and emails of people who have never purchased from Fusion.  We are looking for NEW people who will like the gear as much as you.

 As always, thank you for your support.