The 2021 version of the 4x4x48 can be found here.


What is 4x4x48?

It is an ultra-marathon with a twist.  It is a virtual run, but you actually have to run.  You just can run it wherever you want to do the run.   It is real simple.  You run 4 miles, every 4 hours for 48 hours.  At the end of 48 hours you will have run 48 miles.

In December of 2017 we offered the first ever 4x4x48 and had 41 finishers.   In November of 2018 we offered our second 4x4x48.   We took a break in 2019 to launch our new brand Reăl.   

During the last few weeks we have had nearly 5,000 people inquire about a 4x4x48.  It seems there is a lot of free time these days.  Therefore we will host another 4x4x48 challenge from April 15th-May 15th of 2020.

Runners will be able to complete their 48 hour challenge anytime in that one month window.  All the running must be done in 48 hours and in 4 hour increments.

In 2018 we raised several thousand dollars for Beyond Brave Foundation who provided a track racing wheelchair to a veteran.  This year we will donate all proceeds to the  Semper Fi & America’s Fund  

You can register anytime between now and May 13th by clicking the link below.