SLi Speed Suit
SLi Speed Suit
SLi Speed Suit
SLi Speed Suit
SLi Speed Suit

SLi Speed Suit

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As worn by Patrick Lange 2 Ironman World Champion and course record holder, the most advanced one piece triathlon suit in the world. Combining super light and quick drying SLi fabrics along with sun protecting and body cooling NRG fabric to form a suit like no other. 

Custom Printing Option.


  • Made in Fusion factory in Europe
  • Inseam; MD 10", LG 10", XL 11"


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  • Hi I am 182.5cm tall, 38 inch chest 31 inch waist and 76 kilos. What size would you recommend please. Thank you

    Based on the provided measurements you would likley be most comfortable in a MD suit.

  • Does this suit have padding? It is not visible in the photos.

    The SLi Speed suit utilizies a triathlon specific chamois.   Thin enough to run in yet comnfortable on the bike.

  • Can you ship a SLi suit (M) today overnight to arrive CA by Thursday or Friday at latest?

    We sure can.  You just need to be sure to choose express shipping.

  • Hi, some of your SLi Speedsuit images show the black logo graphic "Fusion" on the back and front of suit as well as the arms and leg bands and the other image has "Fusion SLi" with red logo graphic. Can you confirm the difference and how to specify when ordering? Thanks.

    Sorry, we thought we had answered this but perhaps it got lost in cyberspace.

    The images on the site might be of the previous model. The new suits do not have any of the large "Fusion" logos across the front.

  • hey chance, for the speedsuit, i wear a xl top and large bottom - what size of speedsuit do you recommend? 6"2 / at 160 lbs

    Based on that info I would recomend a LG speedsuit.  

  • Is it possible to have a logo printed on the front and/or back of the SLi Speedsuit? What are the color options besides black and can the logo have more than one color. Is there an additional charge? Leadtime? Thanks

    Yes, we can print multicolor logos on any white portion of any garment in our line.   We need hi-res artwork, preferabbly in ai or EPS.  There is no additional cost for this service and we normally can turn it around in in 7-10 days.  

  • Hi there - I'm not exactly your typical triathlete build. I'm 5'6" with a 31" waist, weighing 170-175 pounds. In most athletic gear I'm a medium, but seeing as I can't find a sizing chart and am going to have my piece customized, I'm seeking some guidance and assurance that that's the case here. Any thoughts?

    We offer a great fitting program where you can purchase one size and request a second be sent to you in another size to compare.  I would suggest for an SLi Speedsuit you try a MD and a LG.  Likely the LG will fit but the lengthy may be a concern.

  • Hello , i would to buy a tri suit the SLI one , but i dont understand the sizing chart , could explain please, sm md ????Thank you .

    A md suit would fit well on a person who is 5'8" - 5'10" and weighs between 150-165lbs. A sm suit would fit well on a person who is 5'6"-5'9" and weighs between 140-155lbs.   If you want you can email me at and I will be happy to walk you through sizing.

  • Patrick langue trisuit has aero texture on the arms wich I dont see on this picture, is it the same that Patrick used or not?

    Good questions.  Patrick Lange has several custom features to his suit.  Those features are the hidden inside pocket in the front of the suit.  Also, the full length zipper is a difference from the production suit.   The last difference, other than the color, is the material used on the sleeves of his suit.  This material is the same material we use on the Bike Skin and it designed to help with aerodynamics for those averaging above 25mph.  The vast majority of athletes do not hold such high speeds and thus we do not use it in the prodcution suit.

  • I'm 5 ft 5 in tall, 29 in waist and weigh 146 lbs. What size do you recommend? Need size for SLi speed suit, SLi shorts and SLi short sleeve tri top. Thanks!

    Based on the measurements i would say you are a small in all things Fusion.

  • Are these suits for men only? Is there a female version?


    Good question and one we get all the time.  We make all of our suits unisex, with the exception of the Women's SLi suit (different from the SLi Speedsuit).

    We sell about 25% of our suits to women.

  • Would you be able to add custom printing to this trisuit?

    We sure can.  We dye sublimate on the white portion and can outsource vinyl for the black portion of the suit.

    email me, for more information.

  • Can I get information on custom printing options please?


    We are able to add custom printing to any of our retail products.  There are two options.  The first option is dye sublimation and most be done on white garments.  There is currntly no added cost to customers for this service.  The second option is the application of specifically designed vinyl decals which are custom made for performance sportswear.  These require some outside set and production and the cost can vary but is usually $35-50.

    In both cases we require the customer to provide print ready art work in vector format.

    If you would like to discuss options for you please feel free to email Chance Regina at

  • I am 6ft 2inches tall and my weight is 170lbs. what size should I select in the SL3 one piece TRI Suit?


    You are likely going to be either a LG or an XL.  At 5'10" 165 i wear a MD but it fits nice and snug.  I can wear a LG but for my race suit i just like the feel of the MD.  Based on your information I am thinking you will be a LG but an XL might be appropriate as well.

    We have what we call "Best Fit, First Delivery" where you can order and pay for one item you want and if you put notes in the order that you are uncertain about size, we will send you both sizes you are conisdering.  We will also inlcude a return label so you can send back the size you decide not to keep.

  • At 5'8" 160-165 lbs what size do you recommend ?

    Great question as getting the right fit on a race kit is always important.

    Based on your provided information we sould suggest a medium suit.

    Also, check out this page of our website to learn more about the Best Fit, First Delivery program we offer. 

  • does the front of the sli speed suit open in front from the waist? to take a piss? also im 5'10", 180. is medium or large my size. 38/39"c 37hips and waist

    The SLi Speedsuit unzips about halfway down the chest.  If you need to have a potty break midrace, you would have two options.  First would be to unzip and remove the upper part of the suit.  The elasticity in the suit allows this to be achieved fairly easily.   Second option, hit an aid station, pour lots of water on you and go with the flow.  Of course this only works for #1.

    For someone 5'10", 180lbs the size LG would fit best.

  • What Length is the Inseam on the SMALL suit?

    The inseam on the SLi Speedsuit is as follows:
    SM-  10 inches/25.5cm
    MD-  10 inches/25.5cm
    LG-  10.5 inches/27cm

  • What is the Inseam length on the SMALL suit? Is there a size chart?

    The inseam on the SLi Speedsuit is as follows:
    SM-  10 inches/25.5cm
    MD-  10 inches/25.5cm
    LG-  10.5 inches/27cm

    As for a size chart, you bring up a gret point.  We have a size chart for everything but the onepiece suits.  Thanks.  We will get one built and posted.

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Should’ve bought this a long time ago!

First off customer service is top notch, the kit is simply amazing, it’s like a second skin! True to size, awesome design!


Did not receive it yet

Amazing race suit!

I have been wearing this race suit for my entire 2018 race season and I can only say great things about it. Great material, super comfortable, useful pockets for gels, awesome look. Thanks fusion!!

Ironman Louisville Tested

I'll keep it short and simple. The second time I put the kit on, and the first time I worked out in it was IMLou; that's how confident I was their product. I'm new to this brand as I'm sure most that are reading this are, and it's some of the best I've seen in my 31yrs. Top notch garments, durability and customer service.

If you're considering a Roka, Wattie Ink, etc., give these guys a try first. I won't knock WI (though I will Roka's kits), but these are everything they are and more IMO.

5'9"/168lbs = Medium

Tri Kit Review ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

❤️ this kit‼️ I have literally tried EVERYTHING in my 10 years in the sport now, and OMG, I wish I had started with Fusion gear on Day 1‼️. Super comfortable, looks great, stays in place, incredible feel. Never racing in anything else. I also had Logo’s added, and they are also FANTASTIC ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.