C3 Long Tights - with pockets
C3 Long Tights - with pockets

C3 Long Tights - with pockets

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The C3 Tights are made from our unique 2-sided Compressor3 technical fabric. It is a fabric comprised of an ‘open-knitted’ inside layer to drag moisture from the body and a fine knitted outer layer for increased evaporation.  They also use the popular 2-pocket system on the upper leg that is great for storage of nutrition, hydration and mobile phones.


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  • What is due difference between the C3 and S3 tights? Will the S3 be restocked soon?

    C3 is our most versatile tight.  It features mild compression properties and superior moisture movement enabling it to be worn in a wide range of temperatures. The S3 tight, which is being phased out, is the same as our Hot Long Tight, likely our best seller, excpet the S3 has a windstopper layer on the front of them. The Hot Long Tight offers a bit more compression than our C3 tights and the Hot Long has a micro fleece backing to keep you a bit warmer on those colder days.  The moisture management on the Hot Long tights is also fantastic so you don't have to worry about getting to the end of a two hour run with tights that are soaking wet with sweat.

  • I’m 5’9” and 158 lbs, a 29/30” inseam. Which tights would be the best fit. Thanks

    MD Tights would be best for you.

  • Interested in purchasing C3 long tights. Size recommendation? I am 5'6" and 120 lbs

    Based on the information given, you would likely wear a size XS.  As always we can exchange them if they don't fit.  

  • Interested in purchasing C3 Long Tights. Size recommendation? I am 5’8”...32” inseam....about 170lbs. Ty

    With those measurements a md would likely be the best fit. 

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Didn’t get C3
David, Thank you for taking the time to write a review. We are glad you like the product. Can you give us more details regarding the product you received? Our records show we shipped you C3 Long Tights, size XL. Perhaps there is some confusion as C3 is one of the classifications of products we sell as a brand which is called Fusion. The only other long tights we sell are called Hot Long Tights, but those are also by Fusion. Regarding your shipment. All items come from the global HQ in Denmark to our distribution facility here in the Atlanta, GA area. Your item was shipped via Fed Ex and looking at the travel history provided by Fed Ex I don't see any MD connection. It appears the package left the Atlanta area and went through PA before delivering to you. We are sorry for the slow delivery but during this time of Covid-19 deliveries are being delayed both at the global HQ in Denmark and from our facility in GA. Please reach out to us with any additional information as we want to make sure our customers are not only satisfied with their products but with the entire experience with the brand.
Great running tights
Nice Tights
C3 tights = amazing
Jacob, Thanks for taking the time to share with us. Maybe we need to look at getting you some crampons?