SLi Tri Tights W/ Pocket
SLi Tri Tights W/ Pocket

SLi Tri Tights W/ Pocket

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A new standard of technical performance and comfort in triathlon shorts. Over 50% lighter, wet or dry, and yet breathable. Firm compression fit for enhanced performance in racing and training.  FUSION side pockets for nutrition.

  • Made in Fusion factory in Europe
  • Inseam; MD 10", LG 10", XL 11"


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  • Whats the difference in fabric, feeling and function between SLi and PWR ?

    Both fabrics are exceptional and offer gret performance. 

    The SLi is a vey exclusive fabric made only in Europe.  It offers 17% more compression than the PWR material, is signifacntly lighter and sheds water so as to stay lighter throughout the entire activity.

    We source the PWR fabric in Europe as well.  While not as compressive as the SLi material it offers substantially more comression than stnadard Lycra.  The fabic is great a wicking moisture to keep you comfortable regardless of climate.

  • Do you guys have any guide size?

    Size charts can be found here

    If you have specific size questions there is a link on that page where you can email us directly.

  • When will these be available for women?

    We get this question frequently.   All of the Fusion bottoms, with the exception of the Women's C3 Bibs, are made unisex.  

    The design of our bottoms are such that they provide great fit for 90% of males and females.  As always we offer 100% satisfaction gaurntee on all products.  If you purchase a pair of our tri shorts and are not 100% satisfied with them, even after using them, we will refund you or exchange them for you.

  • Do these have a chamois for biking, and if so what type?

    All of our Tri tights (C3, PWR, SLi) come with a triathlon chamois.  This chamois is of the felt variety so as to prevent bunching, rubbing and chaffing when in the aero position on the bike as well as to allow for the most natural running form.

    Try them out.  If you don't like them we have a 100% satisfaction gaurantee.  Seriously, take them out and ride them...10, 20...100 miles.  If you don't love them we will still take them back and either excahnge them or refund your purchase.

Customer Reviews

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The shorts

Comfortable on the bike and on the run, durable, worth every penny

Eric, Hopefully they are comfy in the swim as well as on the bike and the run. Thanks for being a valued customer and don't forget we now have a made in the US version with our sister company.
Best and Only!!!

These are the best shorts I have used. They are the ONLY shorts that I bike in and also the only shorts I run in. Love the side pockets to carry nutrition or my phone. The material is superior. Yes these shorts are expensive. But in my opinion they are worth it because I spend so much time and effort training, I want something comfortable and dependable. And BTW, they seem to last a very very long time. Much more than other brands I have used. So that makes the cost investment much less than you think.

4 Star

Great shorts but not worth $175. I suppose I expected something magical out of something so expensive.

Finally comfortable on the trainer

For some reason I have never been able to get comfortable riding indoors. It turns out that the problem was not my saddle or set up, but my shorts. Seriously, the seamless chamois is great - I won't be going back to anything else!

My Go To Tri Tights

I can't live without my SLI Tri Tights I use them for most of my runs and for many of my rides. The pockets are indispensable, they don't ride up and they dry quickly.