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It is 90% mental, the other half is physical.

RACING IS MENTAL By Andrew Peabody, Ironman Certified Coach     As race season in the northern hemisphere quickly approaches (I know some have already started), we are all training like mad and preparing to really push our physical limits on race day. But how many of you are training just as hard to push your mental limits on race day, too?     One of the most overlooked aspects of competitive training, especially for age group athletes, is honing the mental skills required to make that extra push when the time comes to perform to our best ability. We spend countless hours running, cycling, swimming, whatever activities our chosen sport requires, but how many of us actually block out...

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Let's go streaking!...or not!

There are quite a few blogs, websites, magazine articles and hashtags allotted to streakers. I’m not talking about naked people running down your street. I am talking about people who run/ride/workout every day for years on end. I don’t necessarily subscribe to the theory of streaking as I believe athletes need rest, both mental and physical. Some days you just need to do nothing. However, I think the consistency approach is something greatly overlooked by endurance athletes these days.

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