Summer camps are not just for kids!

Our guest blogger, Mark Shorter from LifeSport Coaching, brought up a topic which took me back to those summers when I was 10 years old.  My mom packing a Ziploc freezer bag with a pair of socks, t-shirt, shorts and fresh underwear for each day of the week as I headed off to summer camp.  It reminded me of all the friends and fun times, the silly games and fierce competitions as well as the great stories told around the campfire at the end of an exhausting day. 

It also reminded me of the four summers during my high-school years spent at Running Camp in Brevard, NC.  All the same attributes of early childhood camps were present but with the additional feature of great training.  PS no my mom didn't Ziploc baggie my clean underwear for me during my high-school camp days. 

Why do a triathlon camp?

There are a multitude of reasons to join a triathlon camp. You get to meet a bunch of like minded triathletes for one. You can learn a lot from other triathletes, especially ones who live near the race venue. They can become training partners, mentors and friends. 

            Course familiarity can be a great advantage to you come race day. Attending a camp allows you access to the course where you can segment the course, find landmarks, acclimatize and learn your way around. 

            Race day can bring a lot of angst to an athlete and knowing the course, where the grocery stores are, where the big hills or more technical parts of the course are can all have calming effects on you which can help you focus on your race.

            You can scope out crucial viewing and cheering spots for your family and friends to stand and you can also find attractions for them to attend to help keep the occupied when you are going to race meetings and checking your gear in race week.

            As an athlete you can never tell when you are going to pick up a tip that could be crucial to your race. Coaches who are familiar to the race course can provide all sorts of helpful points that you may never have considered. A good camp will have you all over the race course, will help you to learn the flow into and out of transitions and discuss all the possible weather scenarios. You might find out what nutrition will be available on the bike and run, learn where to expect currents, weeds, sand bars and other unexpected obstacles on the swim course and all of these things will contribute to your having a successful race.

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            Mark Shorter is an Ironman Certified Coach with more than 10 years experience as a run and triathlon coach. He has completed 92 marathons and 41 Ironmans (including 8 IM World Championships in Kona). He coaches athletes from purely recreational to world champions. 

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