Smooth(ie) Summer Workout Recovery.

Summer training requires next level recovery nutrition.  For many of us the summer is the heart of our training and racing calendar. Getting re-hydrated as well as refueled after those long hot workouts can be a real challenge.
I am no nutritionist, as anyone who has seen me crush Dr Perrpers will attest to. Nor do I play one on TV.  However, I have found post workout smoothies work well for me.  There are several reasons why I really enjoy a smoothie for post workout refueling. 
First, in the summer time my core temp is typically elevated from long workouts so a cold beverage seems to hit the spot and since a Dr Pepper isn’t the wisest of choices for post run recovery…the smoothie fits this requirement.
Secondly, they are quick to make.  Frozen fruit, yogurt, juice…four or five items in the blender and 60 seconds later you are all set. 
Third, depending on what my body is craving on any given day I can easily adjust the flavor or texture/thickness.  Sometimes I might want something with a citrus flavor and I put some OJ in with some frozen peaches and blueberries or I might want something with a bit of a peanut butter flavor so I add to my frozen bananas some peanut butter and Nutella.   If I want the smoothie to be a bit thicker I use a half a cup of coconut or almond milk.  Thin it out by using coconut water or fruit juice.
Lastly, you can pack in protein, carbs…whatever kind of post workout supplements you want to offset the damage you have done to your body during the days activities.
Below is one of my go to recipes.  This makes a LARGE smoothie, about 30 ounces.  The amount of each ingredient listed in the recipe are estimates and I basically put as much of the ingredients into the Ninja cup as it will hold.  I typically don’t put ice in my smoothies as I use frozen fruit instead.  Feel free to alter this one to your taste.
1.5 bananas cut into small chunks and frozen
5-6 whole strawberries, frozen
One package of Yoplait original Strawberry Banana Yogurt
¼ cup of shredded coconut
I tablespoon of Nutella
Two scoops of Inifinit Repair
Lastly I fill the emptied Yoplait container twice with coconut milk and pour it over all the other ingredients.  Then I let the Ninja do its work.
Enjoy and let us know what your favorite post workout smoothie is.

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