Popsicle Toes

Frozen Toes
Most cycling enthusiast have been there. Early Spring or late Fall, when the temps are cool or even cold.  You head out on a ride only to have the sun pop out in the middle of the ride and its raises the temperature by at least 20 degrees. Typically, this weather makes for great rides but dressing for them can be a challenge.
Often the biggest challenge is avoiding the dreaded popsicle toes. 
Yes, neoprene shoe covers are great for keeping toes warm. But if you get a 20-degree temperature swing, theyre going to be too warm. When the temperature hits 65 degrees and the sun is shining for that last hour of your ride, do you let your feet suffer in the micro-saunas attached to the end of each leg or do you take the shoe covers off? 
If you take them off, where do you put them? Theyre not the easiest items to roll up and put in a jersey pocket, especially if you have already filled those pockets with arm warmers, a vest, or jacket.
Here is an old school trick. When you know it’s going to get warmer as your ride goes along but you don’t want your toes to turn into popsicles the first hour or so…put them in a baggie. Yep, a good old fashioned plastic sandwich bag. The bags act as natural heater by preventing your natural body heat from escaping. 
Thin, lightweight, wind-resistant, even water-resistant for rainy days and disposable. If it gets too warm as the sun comes up, you can simply slip your foot out of your shoe and quickly remove the baggie and stuff it in your jersey pocket or toss into a garbage can.
How to;
Pick your favorite pair of cycling socks, like the Fusion PWR Cycling CLX Sock, and put them on. Next, get two plastic sandwich bags — one for each foot. Get bags without a zip closure. Place the baggie over your socked foot and slip your foot into the cycling shoe. It may feel weird at first. However, by the time you clip in and take a few pedal strokes, you will forget you even have sandwich bags on your feet. Final step, enjoy endless miles with comfy toes.

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  • Steve

    Have used plastic bags for years and works great on those days when you’re just not sure.

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