Let's go streaking!...or not!

I am not a streaker, but it is worth looking at.
There are quite a few blogs, websites, magazine articles and hashtags allotted to streakers. Im not talking about naked people running down your street. I am talking about people who run/ride/workout every day for years on end. I don’t necessarily subscribe to the theory of streaking as I believe athletes need rest, both mental and physical. Some days you just need to do nothing. However, I think the consistency approach is something greatly overlooked by endurance athletes these days.
The converse might be the big mileage week. How often have you heard a runner brag about their big mileage week? I ran 78 miles last week…” What about the cyclist who tells you they did 400 miles in the last 7 days? I was once told by my college track coach don’t tell me your biggest mileage week, tell me your average mileage week, because then I will know what kind of work you have truly done to get better.”
A bigrelative to your normalmileage week, might be a great capstone to your training block. However, a massive mileage week in and of itself isn’t what will make your training a success. Logging consistent miles over long periods of time will build greater fitness than a spotty training regimen capped by one huge week. Additionally, athletes are less likely to get injured when training consistently and moderately building volume and/or intensity.
Want to see significant improvement in your fitness? Add 15% to your training volume each week for four weeks then take an active recovery week with mileage equal to only 30% of the fourth week’s volume. Repeat this five-week cycle starting with the same volume you ended up with in week four. As the volume increases, you will find you have less days which you can take completely off. This will replicate the benefits of streaking but allow you to have the mental and physical rest your body will crave. 
At the end of 10 weeks you will be amazed at how much fitter you are than when you started. And you can do it all fully clothed. C3 3/4 tight
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