$2 boots, not made for walking.

You are out on one of those long rides.  On some country road so far out in the middle of nowhere you don’t have any cell phone coverage.  Then BANG! It happens.  Flat tire.  Not just a one of those slow leaks.  No, this flat is a flat courtesy of a nice big cut in the tire.  Great, you have a spare tube but not a spare tire. 

What do you do now?  Put on your $2 boot!  Here is how to do exactly that;

  • Remove one bead of the tire from the rim.
  • Remove the punctured tube.
  • Check the inside of the tire for any debris by running your bare finger around the inside. 
  • Partially inflate the tube before inserting it into the tire.
  • Fold in half lengthwise a $2 bill, if you are a big timer you can use a $20 bill. Then fold it in half a second time.
  • Slide the now folded $2 bill between the partially inflated tube and tire so as to position it under the cut in the tire. Forming your boot.
  • Carefully install the remaining bead of the tire.  Start about 4 inches to one side of the boot and working towards the boot. Be sure to use caution as you want to prevent the boot from sliding and you want to avoid pinching the tube as you complete the remounting of the tire.
  • Slowly inflate the tube to the minimum recommended PSI. While inflating the tire be sure to watch for any inconsistencies in the bead of the tire.
  • Lastly, carefully inspect the tire where it has the cut to make sure the boot didn’t move during instillation leaving the tube exposed.

With your fancy boot in place you can continue on and finish out your ride.  Be sure to carry some cash with you on your bike rides and you can’t use Apple Pay to boot your tire.


  • Mike B

    That Park Tool boot costs $3.99… that’s twice the price of the $2 boot! And better yet, after replacing the tire, you still have the $2 to spend on a ham sandwich!

  • Dan Smith

    Better yet, keep an actual tire boot in your kit. https://www.parktool.com/product/emergency-tire-boot-tb-2

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